Qureshi Brother’s success is largely due to its corps of dynamic professionals. Through their expertise and proficiency in their respective fields, the company has been able to gain a broader view of its clients needs and objectives. The members of the staff attach due consideration to economic and cultural realities and always thrive to handle any sort of placement jobs in their right earnest. In this way Qureshi Brothers lends credibility to its commitment.

We would always welcome a foreign principal or his representative to visit and personally participate in the screening, skill testing and final selection of applicants most suitable to his needs. In such a case, we will provide our foreign guest, with free secretarial assistance, trade testing facilities, an office adequately furnished with telephone, telex, photocopier, etc.

We are associated with Govt. approved Trade Test Center, named ” Tech-Ni-Test” for conducting practical trade test relating to skilled and semi-skilled workers. For specialized skill testing, we have necessary arrangements with the Local Government recognized technical institutes.

In Tech-Ni-Test, we have a staff of 9 well experienced Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineers alongwith Supervisor foremen to meet the manpower requirements efficiently and quickly, according to the job description of its employers especially from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE and Bahrain. We are also associated with UTM for ticketing and reservation having a tremendous amount of influence and control over the Airlines which are helping us in an immense way easing our mobilization job.Qureshi Brother’s motto is to deal with the most sophisticated matters like human resources with almost care and attention safeguarding the interest of all concerned only to attain the maximum efficiency. We strongly believe that good is not enough better is good.We stand always for the best.Qureshi Brothers, alongwith its associates, since its inception to date, have dispatched thousands of semi-skilled,lightly skilled workers to various Middle Eastern countries, specially to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the entire satisfaction of overseas principals.On a perusal of the tradewise deployment figures it would be apparent that now-a-days we have started accepting a bigger responsibility, with a sense of commitment to cater to the needs of semi-skilled, skilled and professional manpower needs for our valued principals.

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