Recruitment Process

Depending on the circumstances of the case, we sometimes, with the proper approval of the Authorities concerned. Do advertise related vacancies in Newspapers. We compile the bio-data for the workers incorporating therein the comprehensive information pertaining to the worker’s past track records, etc. After a bio-data is compiled, the initial screening of the applications is conducted. When the preliminary screening is over, the individual applicant is given an oral interview by us (Qureshi Brothers), Interviewing staff having experience in the same trade/skills. The interviewer’s observations/recommendations thereafter are entered on the appropriate places of the applicant’s application. As the case might require, the applicant is then asked for a trade test.

After the written test, trade/skill testing is conducted. This is a very critical step where the applicant’s skill is actually measure and verified under field conditions at the site of the principle. Most of the testing is done in our own Laboratories. In certain special cases, such as equipment operations, mechanics, heavy welders, etc. testing is done by our examiners in the Government recognized Technical Institutes. The overseas principal or his authorized representative is always welcome to participate in the final trade/skill testing of the workers.

Now, after it is ascertained that worker has the required knowledge, skill and inertia to perform the required job, prior to his final selection the following points are also taken care of:
Background, social conduct, behavior, self confidence, verbally ability, involvement in political activities, capacity for self reflection, belief in personal efficiency, etc.

Psychological testing, in case of highly skilled and professionals.
Detailed Medical Certification including chest X-Ray,
Blood/Urine test,
V.D. Check,
AIDS test, etc.
Police Certification

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