The essential element in the planning and implementation of projects is the Provision of manpower. It is people who make things happen at all levels and at each stage from conception through to completion. While management may formulate the policies required to meet the specific objectives, implementation requires the specialized skills, techniques and expertise. Further constraints include the needs to achieve the overall objective within specific financial parameters and to complete the project on time.



The Qureshi Brothers Overseas specializes in assisting to recruit Manpower for supporting our clients in all aspects of the business start-up cycle from concept to operation.



* To be a recognized leader in the region for the provision of Manpower recruiting services to Foreign companies, which will help strengthen the financial condition of the Nation as well as of the candidates. * To achieve rapid profitable growth by ensuring that our clients needs are satisfied in an efficient and cost- effective manner.

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Team & Advantages

Our Team

We can proudly claim that we are a professional company in manpower trade. We are staffed with professionals from different disciplines, for our manpower section we have employees having over 15 years (fifteen years) long standing experience to their credit in recruitment jobs.


* Our reputation for success is closed linked with our ability to provide superior service. * Our commitment to excellence begins with our personnel, who are experts in their respective fields and are able to understand your needs and satisfy them. * The rapid pace of technological advance frequently overtakes the original plans rendering obsolete existing ideas, skills and experience. * The benefit to our clients is a fast and cost-effective solution.


(Founder Of Qureshi Brothers)

Mr. Muhammad Akram Qureshi, the man behind the Qureshi Brothers is of an attractive personality, energetic, has been engaged in the manpower recruiting business since 1972. Since then he has been running the business with reputation, dignity, dedication. He is in possession of vast and varied experience. All the support services which are needed for the purpose such as mobilization of suitable work people, trade testing and selection, medical checkup, visa stamping, immigration formalities and finally briefing of selected workers are done by group of well trained staff under his personal supervision.

Mr. Qureshi has traveled widely in and outside the country which in turn has bestowed upon him the expertise of a successful public relation man. As a result, he has been able to expand the recruiting business to the nook and corner of the manpower importing countries.

The high standard of performance of his company has been growingly attracting the attention of foreign employers at an increasing number. The personalized services rendered by his company has been prompting the same employers to utilize services of his company to its employers specially from kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE & Bahrain. The employers put their judicious choices on them because Qureshi Brothers is the trusted name for efficient and prompt supply of experienced, talented and loyal manpower for any project of vital importance.

“Let Qureshi Brothers have the opportunity to serve you better”.

Chairman Message

Dear Esteemed Clients, Business Associates, and Well-Wishers,

It is with immense gratitude that I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each one of you for your unwavering support towards Qureshi Brothers. Your trust and confidence in our services have been instrumental in our journey towards excellence.

At Qureshi Brothers, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering quality services that surpass expectations. We firmly believe that it is through the consistent delivery of quality work that we can paint our future with the brightest hues of success. Your continued support is integral to realizing this vision.

As a name synonymous with trust, repute, and recognition, Qureshi Brothers stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of human resource consultancy in Pakistan. Our proactive approach and dedication to fostering enduring relationships have positioned us as leaders in our field.

We are acutely aware that our success is intertwined with the success of all stakeholders involved. Through the synergy of our expertise, a vast pool of qualified Pakistani professionals, and the discerning eye of our esteemed employers, we strive to create value for every member of our ecosystem.

I am deeply grateful to each one of you for taking the time to understand our ethos and our aspirations. Your continued collaboration and support inspire us to reach greater heights.

With warm regards and best wishes,

Tanweer A Qureshi
MS-Human Resources U.K


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