Selection Process

The Final selection of the applicant is done by the unanimous decision of the Placement Committee. Testing and interviewing Staff and the Representative of the overseas principal, if already attended the screening, interviewing and skill testing.

Prior to dispatch of any worker— whether janitorial or tradesman everybody is to attend the Orientation Course. The very purpose of this course is to explain the worker his:

A: Job Specification
B: Job responsibilities
C: Job Duties
D: Working hours, pay, overtime, leave, accommodation, food provision, other contractual obligations, and
E: What he should do and what not during the period of his employment with the employer.

We are capable of organizing a dispatch of about 400 workers per week consisting of 40/50 tradesmen and the remaining in the unskilled group.

Even three years back, we could mobilize workers in 20 days time from the date of receipt of documents in our hand. Now-a-days, at the insistence of some of the overseas Governments, our Governments is pursuing a very comprehensive check system regarding the workers,. This entails a time outlay of about 15-20 days extra compared to the past. As such, now-a-days, we can mobilize worker up to 400 a week within 30-35 days from the date we commence our job.

As a part of feed back information, we always notify our principals well in advance, as to the flight details of the workers to keep them sufficiently posted.

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