Thursday, January 20, 2022 2:50:24 PM
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Director Human Resources

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our valuable clients, our business associates, and to all well-wishers alike and hereby again reiterate our business our commitment to quality for years to come. That's because we know that only through quality in our work deliveries, we shall be able to see our future in the brightest radiance of colours. Without your support, however, this shall be very difficult to be true.

With our commitment to quality that nurtures trust which in turn takes us to an everlasting business relation, Qureshi Brothers therefore reached to you as a name of trust, repute, easy and confident recognition. All this being followed up with proactive actions to reach about the purpose to spread both the workers' and the employers' profitable reach, Qureshi Brothers in no time is among the premier human resource consultants in Pakistan.

We know through a tripartite mix of our expertise, vast pool of qualified Pakistani working professionals, and quality conscious employers, the service we deliver are benefitting every associate in the chain and furthermore motivating us to do more.

Thanks to all over well-wishers and an employer specifically in Middle East, Qureshi Brothers is all set to serve you with even better deliveries. Thanks as well for taking time to understand us. Thank you!

With best wishes,
Tanweer A Qureshi

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